Loadcalc 2008

compute load in VA & amperes & the total service entrance load
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Robert J La Capra
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Loadcalc 2008 is a design tool that will quickly and
accurately prepare panel schedules, perform load
calculations, and print circuit directories.
Dwelling and commercial occupancies, single and three

2008 NEC Compliance.

Commercial Occupancies:
Standard Calculation Method
Demand factoring by occupancy type.
Demand factoring for all load types.
Neutral demand factoring.
Automatic transfer to panel directory.
Customizable report headers and footers.

Dwelling Units:
Standard Calculation Method:
Demand Factoring.
General lighting, small appliance and laundry loads.
Cooktops, ranges and wall ovens.
Fastened-in-place appliances
Largest motor load.
Optional Calculation Method:
Demand factoring of 'other loads'.
Automatic selection of the larger of heating and A/C loads.
Additional Loads in Existing Dwelling Units
Calculation Method:
Calculates the total load for existing dwelling units.



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